Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Taggin' Good Time

I was tagged by the lovely and super talented Johanna to write 7 things about myself.
So here we go...

1. My days are automatically improved when it's rainy. I am at my creative peak when there is gloom surrounding me.

2. I am constantly in a battle with myself to forgo the desire to just leave, since I was a teenager I always thought I should of been born a man because I have such a restless spirit.

3. If I had more dress up costumes I would play dress ups every second day.

4.  I have kept journals since I was 16, I consider them my therapy and to this day believe that they were the sole cure for my depression when therapy and drugs did nothing. One birthday my Aunt, Uncle, and their girls gave me a Moleskine journal along with a  fountain pen, since then, I only ever write in Moleskine's. I name all of them but only after I get to know them. The pages have no dates and are random thoughts, those scribblings are my biggest secret and the most beloved material thing I own.

5. My younger brother and I are so spiritually close that I believe we were twins in a past life. We sometimes leave notes to each in Russian so nobody else knows what we are on about. He is my biggest pride and joy, my biggest worry, and before I discovered that we were so similar I felt lost, misunderstood and alone in the world.

6. I get embarrassed when I show people my art and they complement me, I never know what to say. It's only recently that I have fully started embracing my art.

7. It's not going to ever happen, but if I could, I would drop everything and join the army.


  1. Amazing answers! Love to get to know a little bit more about you!! WOW, army! That's pretty cool!
    Auctually I'm afraid of leaving, that's way I travled a lot after I graduate high school ;P to overcome that fear!

    Great photos!!

    much Love

  2. Aaaaaah, you are too cute.... Love all of it! :-)



  3. am with you on the journal as therapy....wasn't expecting the army!!