Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Charged with Youth"

After almost 2 weeks of doing nothing but resting and being in agony
(due to a back injury) I am very much pleased to be able to start doing things more normally. The inability to do virtually nothing without pain has been driving me crazy with boredom and isolation. I cannot wait to get back to work! Catch the bus and actually leave the house. Today is the second morning now that I have been able to walk without much pain, it's manageable, and only a slight tweak to remind me that it's there.

This week I attempted another drawing, although it took me 3 spread out days I managed to finish it...and it is now one of my favourites...

'Charged with Youth' - I love the Scottish Highland Steer! They are seriously just the cutest things in the world. I had been wanting to include one into a piece for a while and I think in an odd way the two complement each all though I think that I'm totally going to move to Scotland for the cows and for Gerard Butler look-a-likes. Ha!