Friday, February 4, 2011

This Day

Today I feel fabulous!

Listening to Glee, making picnic plans for the coming weekend, wearing red lipstick and making new promises to myself - my day couldn't be any better (unless of course it was raining).

Thank you everyone for such wonderful comments and support, you're all just LOVERLY!!

I have to make a run to the art store tomorrow and pick up more paper - am completely out and have been reduced to scribble on regular printing paper...just appalling!

So here is a new drawing, I stuffed up the shoes but i don't care.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have been a seriously busy bee the past week...well...when it comes to drawing that's way too hot here to do much else. Big thank you to my gorgeous brother and bestie for the iced tea jug and T2 fruity goodness!

Also some big news.

I've been offered a job as an art lecturer at Billy Blue Design College. I'm heading in there next Wednesday to meet everyone and chat to the director. I'm terrified. But I feel quite honored that my art stood out.

Anyway this is one of the recent pieces I've done.