Monday, September 13, 2010

A day in the city is always inspiring

What a great day.

I love travelling into the city. I never used to. I used to find it scary and distressing. Now, all that is gone and I just find everything so fascinating and new.

I observed a girl today with cowboy ankle boots, a yellow rugby vest over the top of a fabulous cream fringed dress and she looked superb! I love it; the people, the fashion, the antics, the entertainment - it makes my day every time.
After work, I wandered over to the newsstand thinking I might as well buy a magazine for the bus ride home, and as usual, I chose Vogue. Normally I stick to the British or French editions but when I saw Codie Young grace the cover of the Australian issue I couldn't it came with a super cute bag.

Later as I was walking down to the bus station - feeling quite happy about my day and my awesome score - the idea for my next project started to swirl around in my head; inspired by the city, and of course, Codie will be my muse - it seems only fitting.


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